Charla Gill

Office Manager

As a lifelong believer in our Lord, Charla tries to show a true Christian attitude in all that she does. With a servant's heart and a kindness about her that is revealed in a cheerful, readiness to help others, she strives to express how each of us are a blessing in our own way.


Her philosophy is you can share Christ's love on a day to day basis in all that you encounter.  A particular joy of hers is her 5 children and 2 grandson's. Grandchild number three is due to arrive in November of this year. Charla has been married to her very best friend for 20 years now and is excited about many more to come.


The unwavering knowledge that the Lord is always with you makes Philippians 4:13 a daily reminder of how truly limitless we are when we keep Christ first and always in our hearts.  "I can do all things through Christ..."

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